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Created by Joanne Bell, CCS is made up of a close knit group of software and computer engineers working hand in hand with information systems specialists. We built our company around the purpose of providing our clients with a custom solution specific to their individual company needs. We understand that even though there are thousands of software packages out there for you to use there is not always one that fits the needs of your company. We provide the knowledge to help you determine what type of system and software is right for your company and then the experience to either develop software specifically for you or adapt, install and train you on pre-developed programs. It is important to us that you are satisfied with your solution and that any problems that might occur through daily usage are handled in a timely manner. To us the information age means a more efficient way to maintain and save the data that is critical to any company no matter how large or small.


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We are a solutions provider. Our years of experience and knowledge will help us in providing you the best possible solutions for your data and your business.

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